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Welcome to the Official website of the Grenada Customs & Excise Division. Under the Grenada Technical Assistance Credit Project (GDTAC) the Grenada Customs and Excise Division has benefited from initiatives geared towards the enhancement of operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We value this opportunity and stand committed to the successful implementation of these initiatives. ASYCUDA World is one such initiative. It will allow for the facilitation of commercial and non-commercial transactions with specific relevance to the Declaration, Selectivity and Accounting Modules.

To further strengthen our means to create an enabling environment for trade facilitation, a one stop shop facility will be in operation at the St. George's Port.

Grenada Customs is charged with the main responsibilities of safeguarding import duties, repressing smuggling in a number of areas, particularly in illicit drugs, implementing trade policy, and facilitating trade - the key to National performance. Stakeholders non-compliance can prove to be a major hurdle in the achievement of these functions and we are endeavoring to ensure that non-compliance is not the resultant effect of a lack of information.
Comptroller of Customs

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