Customs Uniforms

Designed for smartness and comfort, the Grenada Customs & Excise uniform projects an overall professional enforcement image, while at the same time, conveys a friendly and customer-oriented outlook. The uniform consists of a short-sleeve/long-sleeve white shirt, with tie, shoulder flaps, epaulettes, blue pants/skirts and black shoes.
Variations include a smart outer jacket/waistcoat with/without shoulder flaps. The uniform infuses a sense of professionalism and exudes an air of pride and confidence in officers while carrying out their duties.
The pants, skirts and jackets are made of 100 percent polyester, a material that is lightweight but ideally designed to keep officers warm in air-conditioned working environments. The short/long-sleeve white shirts, made of a mixture of polyester and cotton are wrinkle-free to maintain that smart yet comfortable feel for officers working in outdoor conditions.
The most basic, most important, and most precious resources of the Customs & Excise Division are its officers. In carrying out the mission of defending the nation borders, officers must work as a closely bonded team. Success in this endeavor require a common culture, including three critical components:
  • A system of rank reflecting a person’s responsibilities and experience.
  • An organizational structure in which people know their responsibilities.
  • Office courtesies, customs, and traditions that serve to bond officers together.
Designation helps to bind officers together as a team, and helps to clearly define a relationship that is commonly referred to as the chain of command.
  • Customs designations identifies who is in charge - whom to look to for directives, guidance, and leadership.
  • Designations at Customs is a visible message of levels of responsibility and degree of experience.


Comptroller of Customs
Grade K
Deputy Comptroller of Customs
Grade J
Supervisor of Customs
Grade I 
Grade H
Senior Customs Officer
Grade G
Class I Officer
Grade F
Class II Officer
Grade C
Preventative Guard
Grade B


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Grenada Customs & Excise Division
Burns Point, St. George's
Grenada, West Indies.
Tel.: (473) 440-2239/2240/3588
Customs MIS: (473) 435-9622/23
Fax: (473) 440-5038

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