What We Do

The Customs and Excise Division is responsible for:

  • Processing of documents for the importation and exportation of goods
  • Collection of import and export duties (customs revenue)
  • Accounting for customs revenue
  • Facilitating tax refunds
  • Enforcing import and export prohibitions and restrictions in accordance with laws
  • Encouraging compliance by facilitating the clearance of legitimate imports and exports at ports, airports, warehouses, parcel post, courier services and sufferance wharves
  • Facilitating the entry and departure of ships and aircrafts to and from ports, airports and marinas
  • Facilitating bonds and deposits relative to import and exports, including private warehouses and in-bond facilities
  • Facilitating concessions
  • Seizure of drugs and contraband items
  • Processing of air and sea passengers and their baggage
  • Facilitating stakeholders outside of working hours

Customs Legislation (available at the Government Printery)

  • Customs Legislation
  • Common External Tariff
  • Value Added Tax Act
  • Customs Service Charge Act
  • Environmental Levy Act
  • Movement of Persons Act
  • Petrol Tax Act
  • Yachting Act

Structure of Division

  • Comptroller of Customs
  • Deputy Comptrollers of Customs
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Senior Officers
  • Class I Officers
  • Class II Officers
  • Customs Guards

The following Duties and Taxes are currently administered by the Customs Division:

  • Common External Tariff (CET)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Customs Service Charge (CSC)
  • Environmental Levy (EVL)
  • Excise Tax (EXT)
  • Petrol Tax (PET)

All goods imported or exported must be declared to Customs. With the exception of some goods carried as passenger's baggage or some postal parcels, the declaration should be made in ASYCUDA World using the Single Administrative Document/Simplified Single Administrative Document (SAD/SSAD) commonly known as the Customs entry form. You may appoint an agent or customs broker to complete this form on your behalf; however, it is your responsibility as the importer/exporter to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Contact Information

Grenada Customs & Excise Division
Burns Point, St. George's
Grenada, West Indies.
Tel.: (473) 440-2239/2240/3588
Customs MIS: (473) 435-9622/23
Fax: (473) 440-5038
Email: gdcustoms@spiceisle.com

Opening Hours

  • 08:00 - 16:00
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