Completing the SAD

The declaration form is the basic customs document needed for a clearance process to take place. The Electronic SAD form (Detailed Declaration) is composed of ONE main form and four (4) subsequent forms which must be completed before assessment.
  • SAD (Main form) and SAD item page (For multi item declaration).
  • General Valuation Note form.
  • Item Valuation Note form.
  • Attached Doc. form.
  • Supplier Form

To fill in a SAD form, the broker must ensure that all relevant documents such as invoices and freight bills are available. A SAD form can be invoked by using the following path in the document library; 
The Declarant/Broker must complete all the mandatory fields on the SAD which will be underlined in red.
Click Here to Download the Declaration Manual for details.

Upon completion of SAD, the Declarant must complete the other tabs at the bottom of the SAD document.

  • Val. Note: Enter total value of invoice and freight charges
  • Item Valuation Note: Input value for each item specified on SAD
  • Attached Doc.: Input all attached documents (code/ ref. No)
  • Info. Page: Input any additional information about a consignment
  • Supplier: Input information of all invoices used to complete the declaration
  • Container: Input information if consignment are in a container (FCL)

After completing the SAD and accompanying tabs, use the verification Icon in the menu bar to verify and calculate duties, system will indicate with an error message, any fields that are missing or incomplete. After verification use the "validate and assess" icon to complete and submit declaration to customs.

Note: System will not assess declaration until all mandatory fields are completed. See Declaration Manual for additional information on declaration processing.

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