Pre-Payment Accounts

The establishment of a Pre-payment Account is intended to provide importers with an alternative payment option on the ASYCUDA World System. A pre-payment account will allow an account holder to have secured access to the system and make payments to Customs in respect of their assessed declarations and other charges which may become due.

The term pre-payment indicates that a Broker or Importer/Exporter can deposit with Government of Grenada an amount of cash sufficient to cover an expected duty or tax liability on declarations to be processed.

Every account holder will be required to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) that will give the account holder the luxury of paying customs declarations online and then requesting release order/selectivity immediately thereafter. 

Establishing a Pre-payment Account

  • The Importer/Exporter or Broker hereinafter referred to as the applicant must advise the Comptroller of Customs of his/her intention to establish a pre-payment account, by applying using the prescribed form. 
  • If approved, the applicant becomes a Pre-payment Account Holder (PAH) and will be notified by the Comptroller in writing, of the terms and conditions for establishment of the pre-payment account. 
  • The PAH will be required to deposit the agreed amount with the Comptroller through the Customs Cashier at the designated areas. This deposit will not form part of the general revenue but will be kept in a separate holding account.
  • A receipt for the amount deposited is given to the PAH or representative of the PAH.
  • The PAH must set up a secret PIN which will be encrypted and stored. This PIN is used by ASYCUDA World to authenticate all payments made using the account number provided.
  • Each PAH will be able to view periodic statements generated from the system showing the amounts paid or refunded for each declaration, and the respective balances.
  • If the account balance is sufficient to cover the duty liability, a request for assessment of a declaration by the PAH means that the declaration is also paid. 
  • If the account balance is insufficient to cover the duty liability, processing of declaration is suspended until the account number is changed or deleted from the appropriate input field, or until further funds are paid into the account. 
  • The PAH may print a receipt which covers the amount of the cash transfer from the pre-payment account. This is automatically generated as soon as the declaration is assessed. 
  • The frequency of deposits or the amount credited to the account is determined by the PAH.
  • The PAH may at anytime, request in writing, that the account be terminated and balance of funds remaining refunded.

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