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Ozone Depleting Substances Resources

Ozone Depleting Substances Resources
Careful checking of documentation of imported shipments is one of the most important tasks of officers on the front line in the battle against the ODS smugglers and can yield many valuable clues to help determine whether the shipment is legitimate or suspicious.
Physical inspection of cylinders and packaging can provide important information as to the validity and legality of the consignment.
The fundamental methodology of smuggling involves either concealing the nature of the material by hiding it completely, mis-describing what it is, making false claims on the documents, or a some combination of these three methods.
The illegal trade in ODS is a growing problem in many parts of the world. Tackling this problem relies on a number of factors.
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This booklet on Enforcement Strategies to Combat the Illegal Trade in HCFCs and Methyl Bromide comes at a crucial time for the Montreal Protocol - a time of both celebration and contemplation. 
The term “illegal trade” usually evokes images of plastic bags filled with drugs and crates packed with guns – not dull metal cylinders filled with industrial chemicals. Yet illegal imports of chloroflurocarbons (CFC) and other ozone-depleting substances (ODS) are threatening not just the future of international environmental and trade agreements, but the very sky above our heads – the ozone layer that protects life from the sun’s harmful radiation.
Vital Ozone Graphics is designed to be a practical tool for journalists who are interested in developing stories related to ozone depletion and the Montreal Protocol. Besides providing a basic introduction to the subject, this publication is meant to encourage you to seek further information from expert sources and to provide you with ready-made visual images that can be incorporated into your article.
Customs has traditionally been responsible for implementing a wide range of border management policies, often on behalf of other government agencies. The role of Customs has, however, changed signifi cantly in recent times, and what may represent core business for one administration may fall outside the sphere of responsibility of another.

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