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With the introduction of ASYCUDA World at the Grenada Customs & Excise Division a number of revised procedures have been implemented, all aimed at streamlining the customs procedures and the functioning of examination stations at Grenada’s major ports of entry/departure with a view to reducing the dwell time of cargo and the associated costs.
The operating procedures will be utilized and applied throughout Grenada. The implementation of these procedures is the responsibility of all persons having a role in International Trade.
Grenada Customs hopes to provide a better understanding of the procedures involved when importing goods for commercial purposes and the requirements of the Division as well as those of the ASYCUDA World system.
  • The Customs and Excise Division is responsible for the control and management of the customs clearance of goods process.
  • The Single Administrative Document (SAD), also known as the Entry, is a Declaration made by the Importer or Exporter of the cargo and certifies that the particulars are true and accurate.
  • All goods imported or exported must be declared to Customs. With the exception of some goods carried as passenger’s baggage or some postal parcels, the declaration should be made using the Customs entry form.
  • It is important to know that the lodging of a declaration by an importer or a representative indicates that the person concerned is declaring the goods in question for the Customs procedure shown on the document. In doing this, the declarant is accepting responsibility under the law for:
    • a. The accuracy of the information given in the declaration
    • b. The authenticity of the documents attached to the declaration
    • c. The observance of all the obligations necessary under the declared procedure
  • All completed declarations must be transmitted through the ASYCUDA World system. The Declarant is required to self-assess the declaration. Declarations can be stored and assessed on the system on any day of the week at anytime.
  • Returning Nationals (inclusive of returning Diplomats) and Expatriates on work permits must attend an interview to determine their eligibility of concessions prior to a Declaration being submitted on their behalf.
  • Penalties will be imposed for infractions committed under the Customs Act and Regulations in relation to the importation or exportation of cargo. Preventive Officers will determine whether to detain or seize cargo. Matters which involve the prosecution of persons under Customs Legislation or any other enactment will be dealt with according to law.

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